When we talk about our vacation paradise, it seems like a dream.

Dear all at Mpala Lodge,

Now we have been home for a while, and we miss you.
We would like to say thank you to you all for a fantastic and memorable vacation.
You are all enthusiasts and passionate about your work and really wants to go the extra mile for us as guests, and making us feel like we are the only ones in the world while we are on the lodge.
You did all for our extra trips wishes came through, gave good advice and that’s just what you want when you’re on vacation.

When we talk about our vacation paradise, it seems like a dream.
Think it’s really us who have tried all the things, rode on an elephant, stroked a hippopotamus,  held a snake and spit with giraffe shit and so much more.

Then we come to all the animals we have seen a lion so close, giraffes on our ATV tour, warthog at the lodge, zebra, rhino and our favorite Waterbuck  and so many more.

It has been an incredible experience to visit you in April. It was really everything, from the wakeup call in the morning to bedtime at night. It was the week program that was so perfectly planned, because you got nature and culture. The coziness at the Lodge from the rooms, to the main house to the terrace, where we enjoyed wonderful food and nice service.

Finally, we would like to say to Theo, Thanks for making our week so special. You did everything so we can see it all, and even when we were perhaps a little behind schedule, you were calm, except when we were driving on the road, and then you were fast. You shared your knowledge of the animals and birds, but were also interested in what we had experienced. You were always in a good mood and did everything from drive, sharing story’s, to tell when it was break time and then you made sure we had drinks and food.  And not forget laugh at us in the rain ;-). We had a great time with you.

We hope you all are doing well and taking good care of the wonderful place Mpala Lodge. We hope to come back some day and see you all again.

Love from
Anita, Marcus, Marie, Peter and Lisbeth.