Diphuti gets new soccer gear

Kruger 2 Canyon News. 25. maj 2012

THE OAKS – Mpala Safari Lodge in Balule Nature Reserve was very happy to hand over a donation to Diphuti Primary School last week. The donation consisted of two soccer goals, a complete set of soccer shoes, socks, pants and shirts for a team of 15 players, their referee and their coach, together with 17 leather footballs and red/yellow cards.Diphuti gets new soccer gear

The donation came from employees of the biggest Danish newspaper after one of their journalists visited Mpala. The journalist got the inspiration when he realised that Mpala Safari Lodge has made the school their community project since the lodge started nine years ago. At a ceremony last Christmas the employees at the newspaper made donations out of their private funds for the soccer team at Diphuti.
  The owners of Mpala Safari Lodge, who are from Denmark, have made donations to Diphuti since they started the lodge. Every week Mpala bring their Danish guests to visit the school to give the visitors an understanding of life in the local community. At each visit, Mpala donates a complete school uniform for a pupil. Over the years many other projects and events have also been run successfully. When the school water pump needed repair Mpala quickly helped them out. An event on ‘how to keep the area clean’ was also organised. And when a professional kite maker visited Mpala, they organised a special treat for the learners – how to make and fly a kite.
  Every year Mpala invites the Grade 7 learners and their teachers to a ‘business fair’ at the lodge, where the pupils learn about the different jobs available in the lodge industry. On these days they have the opportunity to speak to Mpala’s employees and also go on a game drive.