Dear Estel

Now we are back in our everyday lives.

Here is the weather, as expected, the rain and the tiresome.

We would like to thank you for a wonderful holiday, where everything was as we dreamed about.

I would like to have been 2 weeks more, just stay at the lodge, read books and enjoy the scents, sounds and see the animals in and around the Lodge.

Dear Estel, you have a great place in our heart. You must greet all at Mpala, they did a great and good work to make our stay was fantastic, the young people express great admiration for the amazing food You serves.

The Rangers are really good to communicate their knowledge

Now you has gotten 11 new Ambassadors, which will publicize the Mpala.

I finish now since work calls

Thanks to ALL in Mpala

A special thanks to You

Helle & Søren